How Can I Clean My Chimney?

Chimney Cleaning

Cleaning your chimney interior may seem foreign. Since the space is so compact and difficult to access, it’s often avoided by homeowners. Here are some tips for cleaning your chimney.


Chimney cleaning on your own


Turn off any gas input – This is a must. Before beginning, make sure the gas is off and any firewood has been removed. Although there of course will still be soot and remains, avoid leaving large pieces that could catch fire quickly. You don’t want there to be any hissing or evidence of the gas still being on. Gather materials in this time as well to prepare to clean.


Clean the doors and chains –  If your chimney has doors, make sure these are cleaned often. Chains as well need to be wiped down occasionally to avoid soot build-up. Avoid using chemicals of any kind on the glass and simply apply warm water and less toxic cleaning materials. This is to avoid heat affecting the chemicals.


Avoid artificial logs- This is more so a preventative measure, but can help a great deal in the long term. Artificial logs can leave residue called creosote at a higher volume, which is dangerous to be exposed to the body.


High volume of creosote residue – Creosote is a substance left over from fireplace use that can be toxic and harmful to the body. If you identify a large amount of creosote left over, it’s recommended to get professional assistance. These often indicate some larger issues and higher attention to detail. Professional assistance in this circumstance will be highly preventative of future issues.


How to get started


Following any cleaning you’ve done for your chimney, it’s always a great follow up to get an inspection. Give us a call today, and we can ensure that you’ll be rid of any potential future issues with your chimney, taking the necessary preventive measures.