Two Things You Should Know About Keeping Your Chimney Up To Code

Two Things You Should Know About Keeping Your Chimney Up To Code

When a certified chimney technician is carrying out a level 2 inspection — the most meticulous possible inspection without taking permanent structures within your property apart — they will take a thorough look at all accessible portions of your chimney, including attics and basements where possible.


They’ll also use specialized video scanning equipment to inspect whether your chimney is safe, functional, and up to code.


Here are 2 things that a chimney inspector will look for when carrying out a level 2 inspection:


Check for Your Chimney’s Structural Soundness


Chimney technicians will look for signs of major cracks, leaning, water damage, and crumbling. These more obvious indications of trouble show that you are likely to require extensive work on your chimney. If you are considering purchasing a new home, you can look out for this before the home inspector even enters the picture.


Check if Your Chimney Meets Proper Height Requirements


Chimneys should, on the outside of the property, tower at least two feet above any other structure on the roof — if it is too short, the chimney can itself create a significant fire hazard. Chimney technicians can make impressively accurate estimations while on the ground, but to be sure, they will get on the roof and measure your chimney height. While there, they’ll additionally check the accessible structures, like the seal and crown, out.